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Twas the Night Before Deadline (apologies to Clement C. Moore)

 ‘Twas the night before deadline, all efforts to write 

 Were blocked like a floodgate, my Muse was on strike

The party was on, other authors had filed

Their stories completed, our editor smiled.

 The presses were printing the holiday pages

Of authors who’d written the wisdom of sages

Their words poignant and inspiring, each hit the mark

While I’m stuck at my keyboard with nary a spark

My heart tarantella-ed and polka-ed and hopped

It thunderous beats drowned all int’resting thought

Deep yoga breaths would have to suffice

To focus my brain and make it play nice

Suddenly to mind an idea started to flash

Some personal memories to share and rehash

 I can tell ‘bout the time our tree split right in half

Determined not to cry, we all sat and we laughed

Or the Christmas our little boy, so terribly sick

After opening each present needed the barf bucket–quick!

Another memorable Christmas in Georgia we woke

To the crackle of tree limbs in a crystalline cloak

 A delight for Floridian kids who’d never seen snow

And a world full of beauty even Disney can’t show.

As the glitter and sparkle of the season shines bright

The reason for this important day of delight’s

Not the presents and gifts we’ve selected with much care

But the spirit of giving and the love that we share.

The favorite foods so lovingly prepared

And the moments together joyfully shared

Are metaphors for the message that counts above all

Of unconditional love expressed in ways large and small

Whether it’s reindeer or flamingos who dance in our heads

As we’re nestled securely in comfortable beds

With visions of skiing on water or in snow

To honor the season it’s essential to know

What’s important in life and who really rates

Your time and attention, forgiveness and grace.

For you and your dear ones, the most perfect gift.

 Health, love and peace are my holiday wish.

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