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Leap of Faith

Ovarian cancer at fifteen claimed my fertility and heaved me onto an unexpected path. My adolescent self assumed survival, although the statistics suggested otherwise. My gut seized on the awareness that pregnancy would never be possible. The realization nearly broke my spirit.

Fast forward through 13 years of marriage when my husband and I climbed aboard the adoption train. Twelve months of rigorous investigation and education concluded joyously—rapturously—with the arrival of our ten-week-old son. We declared him perfect. Our journey as an adoptive family began. Over the years, family life often resembled a demolition derby more than a smooth sail. In it for the long haul, we have never regretted our roller-coaster adventure. Life at full tilt tested our commitment, our souls, and our marriage. Call it destiny, vocation or mission, parenting brought us to our knees with grief and worry and catapulted us with joy, pride and love over victories large and small.

November brings the Thanksgiving holiday and highlights gratitude in my life. Blessings abound—a place to call home, a job and a paycheck, the comfort of true friendship. It is also National Adoption Month and I wish to acknowledge the gift adoption has been for me.

I encourage you to consider adoption and how it impacts your own life. Perhaps you have an adopted relative, friend, or co-worker. I invite you to consider becoming an adoptive or foster parent. For thousands of children in Florida, home and family is the most preposterous holiday dream they can invent. The clock is ticking.

You have the ability to make dreams come true.

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