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Alaka-zuddle the pup made a puddle                 

Right on the kitchen floor.                     

Alaka-zink, peed in front of the sink                 

On the way to the mudroom door.                             

Alaka-zanny, right down on her fanny              

Sister slid with a startled grunt.                       

Alaka-zop, she screeched out a loud “Stop!”    

As she grabbed for pup’s trailing leash.           

Alaka-zash, he knocked over the trash            

Then hungrily surveyed the heap.                    

Alaka-zeet, tumbling out at pup’s feet              

Scattered chunks of chicken pot pie.               

Alaka-zail, with a wig-wagging tail                    

Pup dove in the pile of spilled food                  

Alaka-zunks, he gulped several chunks           

Smeared his snout in garbage and grease.      

Alaka-zite, can the kids make it right?              

“If Mom sees the mess pup has made,  

Alaka-zaw, it’ll be the last straw.                      

Mom will drag him back to the pound.”              

Alaka-zope, sister reached for the soap           

And gave it a powerful squeeze.                      

Alaka-zubbles, all covered in bubbles              

They had twice the mess to clean now.           

Alaka-zop, brother got out the mop.                

Together they scooped and they wiped.           

Alaka-zeem, they worked well as a team                   

Then flopped in a heap of relief.                        

Alaka-zakes, they’d washed up pup’s mistakes.         

With barely a minute to spare.                         

Alaka-zin, when their mother came in              

She peered ‘round the room looking pleased.   

Alaka-zinkle she said, eyes a-twinkle                 

 “I’m proud of you and your wee pup.”

Alaka-zob, you’ve each done a great job          

Of learning to care for your pet.”                     

Alaka-zirk, they both started to smirk               

Rememb’ring the trouble pup caused.             

Alaka-zanks, licking slobbery thanks,                 

Pup rolled belly-up for a rub

Alaka-zoo, in their hearts they all knew

Pup made the best family pet.

Alaka-zomiss, they each spoke a promise

To care for him and teach him well.

“Alaka-zeal, you are making a deal

That guarantees pup gets to stay.”

Alaka-zated, they all celebrated

Pup zigged and he zagged, then uh oh.

Alaka-zuddle the pup made a puddle                 

Right on the kitchen floor.


Comments on: "Alakazuddle the Pup made a Puddle" (1)

  1. Absolutely love it, Gayle ! 🙂 Sometimes it’s just so fun to let go of “convention” !

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