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I strolled into the summer morning and inhaled the scent of gardenias. At 7:30 the sun was already sweltering and cloaked the air in tropical humidity. The sky was more white than blue.  I peeked over the lip of the spa; recently an unwelcome critter has been using our swimming pool as its toilet. Disgusting, right? The nasty critter had made another deposit.

Obviously, we’ve got to amp our tactics to the next level. Mothballs just aren’t cutting it.

It made me think of the discouraging inner voice that’s been camped in my head lately.  Such an effective saboteur, it knows all my doubts and fears and is familiar with the most effective ways to beat me down. Question the competency. Challenge the commitment. Distract with busy work.

I think of my sister who showed such grace and courage in the face of terminal illness and remember that each
day is an opportunity to learn and to shine and must not be wasted crouched behind fear and doubt.

I call forth a blank screen and begin to type.


Comments on: "One Keystroke at a Time" (2)

  1. Amen, sista. I also suffer at the paws of varmints that leave deposits at the edge of our pool. I can also fall victim to saboteur thoughts that stroll through and drop little deposits of crap into my head. But fight back. Get out the hose and blow those small foulings right off your deck. Great things lie ahead.

  2. Ironic, isn’t it, that the harshest judge we tend to face is ourselves. I’ve redrawn my mental image of my pesonal Gremlin. I’ve imposed a target on her hindquarters. When she prepares to make a new deposit, I’ll have the power washer ready to aim and fire.

    Oooh, just thinking of it gives me a quiver of pleasure.

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