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Pack Light

During the last couple of years I’ve been clobbered by some dramatic Universe-messages: tomorrow isn’t always promised; neither is good health. The details are irrelevant but trust me, they’ve been exceptionally persuasive. The ticking of the clock has been both compelling and inspiring.

Life knocked my status quo off kilter—way off and replaced daydreaming with dream-making. No longer content with, “someday or perhaps,” I’m determined to get out of the clouds and into the trenches, to make a difference while I’m here and capable.

It’s been a challenge to silence the gremlin that jeers “Who do you think you are to dare, to think or to try …?” Whatever change is on the agenda—the most familiar tack and the easiest: agree and surrender.

Audacity doesn’t lie in the imagining, it is in the action. Change-making and reinvention are exhilarating and frightening; bravery is an essential ingredient. Number one.

A good blueprint is important to define what, where, when and how. Every choice has its repercussions, like an intricate algebra formula, if A, then not
B. Decide what items are A choices and what are B. Resist the temptation to choose A+B. Dragging along all the old patterns and baggage will prevent this
new enterprise from getting off the ground. Pack Light

Even if I crash and burn, the journey is the adventure. Vitality and joy exist in the attempt even more than in the result. Join me and we’ll inspire and encourage one another. On your mark. Get set and…


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