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Earlier this month I sat high on a mountain peak overlooking the ancient Incan citadel  of Machu Picchu in Peru. From this vantage point the fortress ruins looked  smaller than my son’s Lego blocks. Steep mountains ascended in clusters all  around me, soaring to 11,000 feet+. When the sun rose into the sky it emerged between  two sharp peaks as if the mountains were giving birth to the day.

At that moment I felt insignificant and incredibly inspired. Both the fortress below and  the path I had climbed  had been constructed by the hand of man. What enables a person to accomplish such  audacious goals?

Vision? Certainly. Purpose too, plus a fair dose of courage. Ultimately though, it’s a  willingness to persist, to chunk it down to daily effort. One must keep an eye  both on the ultimate goal and simultaneously celebrate the daily victory in
small steps of progress.

Scaling the citadel’s ruins and hiking the path to the Intipunku (Sun Gate) high above  challenged me in many ways. The air at that height is thin, my fitness level  could have been better and though I don’t suffer from fear of heights, I do
have a strong survival instinct. (I consider myself a life-long member of the proverbial  Safety Patrol.) My mouth was dry.  My heart was racing. Was it the altitude? The exertion? The fear? Whatever … I was  committed to getting to the top. As I climbed, I kept my eye on the goal not  the edge and not the distance from my starting point.

Finally, I was there. I inhaled the moment, the majesty of it all, placed my gratitude  stones and cast my intention to the mountains and engraved the moment on my  heart. I will return to this experience whenever my Gremlins, What Ifs, and  other distracting channels on my inner dialogue interrupt me.

I accomplished  this so of course I can …


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